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Dallas Tx Sheds Built Onsite

We Build Them Stronger So They Last Longer

On Site Built Storage Sheds Dallas Texas-Built the Strongest

Do you need a storage shed in Dallas, TX but your backyard space is limited? Are you tired of having to store your lawn equipment outside? Or maybe you just want to protect your outdoor furniture from weather damage.

Building your shed on site can equal minimal effort and cost. There is no need for expensive delivery fees and having to worry if your shed will even fit into the space you have planned for it. 

If you've got questions about building a storage shed or need extra storage space, give us a call! 

Classic Storage Sheds

The storage sheds our skilled craftsmen build are great for storing things like garden tools, bicycles, and outdoor furniture. They're also ideal for storing items that need protection from the elements, such as firewood, Christmas decorations, space for file storage, and lawn and garden tools.

The most important thing to consider when buying a storage shed is whether it's made well enough to last. Look at the materials used to build the shed, the quality of the wood, and the overall craftsmanship. Also, be sure to ask about a warranty on the shed.

If you're looking for a storage shed in Dallas, Tx, you should find one that's sturdy, weatherproof, durable and easy to maintain. The white pvc trim we use on our sheds ensures that your shed will be looking good for as long as you need it. 

Who Are We?

Here at Caladan Valley Outdoors we are a company with a combined 50 years of experience building storage sheds on site in Texas.

We have a strong house construction background which has equipped us with the skills to get your storage shed built right and fast. 

We are a small business focused on offering superior customer service along with superior quality. You will not be disappointed with the quality of our storage sheds. 

Why Chose Us?

When you choose us to build your storage shed in Texas you will be working directly with the owners of the company, both in the sales process and during the construction price. 

We also offer standard on site construction for all our storage sheds and outdoor buildings. Don't risk your brand-new shed getting beat up on the delivery ride home.

We also individually order all our building materials for your storage shed from Lowe's to ensure that you are getting the best quality storage shed for the best price. 


Check Out What People Say 

Our Standard Storage Shed Quality Features Include:

Free Onsite Storage Shed Installation

You wont have to worry about taking down fences or having trucks drive over your lawn. We hand-carry all storage shed materials in through your side gate.

Onsite Storage Shed Construction
Storage shed foundation block

Solid Blocks For Leveling

We level your storage shed on solid cement blocks making sure the base does not directly come in contact with the ground. This ensures years of service without rot or insect damage

2x6 Floor Joists 16"oc and 3/4 Plywood Floor Sheathing

We use 2x6 floor joist in all our storage sheds. Most other shed companies use 2x4's. Our floor is super strong and will stand the test of time

2x6 Storage Shed Foundation
Gable Vents

We include gable air vents on all our storage sheds. Some companies charge extra

Storage shed gable vent
LP Smart Side Wall Panels

We use LP Smartside for our storage shed walls. It is an exterior grade panel pre primed a natural tan color. It is treated so it will not absorb water

Lp Smartside Wall Panel
White No Maintenance PVC Trim

If you look at old sheds you quickly realize that the first thing to deteriorate is the trim boards used. We eliminate that from happening on our sheds by only using PVC trim boards. They never need paint and they will never rot.

Locking Shed Door T Handle
30 Year Architectural Shingles

We include gable air vents on all our storage sheds. Some companies charge extra

architectural shingles

Our Storage Sheds are Built to Last

Our storage sheds are built using the same basic techniques and quality materials used to frame houses. We have double top plates that interlock at the corners.  This means that our sheds are strong, durable, and weatherproof. They're also designed to be easily moved.

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