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2021 Storage Shed Price List

Prices Include On-site Installation

Sheds       Size         Price  

4x8 ......... 32sq ft .... $2362

4x10 ....... 40sq ft .... $2789

4x12 ....... 48sq ft .... $2863

6x8 ......... 48sq ft .... $3247
6x10 ....... 60sq ft .... $3819
6x12 ....... 72sq ft .... $4389

8x8 ......... 64sq ft .... $3653
8x10 ....... 80sq ft .... $4208
8x12 ....... 96sq ft .... $4743
8x16 ..... 128sq ft .... $5693

10x10 ... 100sq ft .... $4907

10x12 ... 120sq ft .... $5401

10x14 ... 140sq ft .... $6213

10x16 ... 160sq ft .... $6465

10x20 ... 200sq ft .... $7586

12x12 ... 144sq ft .... $6172

12x16 ... 192sq ft .... $7208

12x20 ... 240sq ft .... $8450

10x14 Storage Shed With Dormer
10x14 Storage Shed With Dormer

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8x10 Single 36" Door
8x10 Single 36" Door

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10x14 PVC Trim
10x14 PVC Trim

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10x14 Storage Shed With Dormer
10x14 Storage Shed With Dormer

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Choice of Shingle Colors
Onyx Black
Estate Gray
Desert Tan

Additional Storage Shed Features

9x27" Shutters - $40pr

Vinyl shutters are Available in White, Black, Green, Maroon, Blue

Additional 18x27" Windows - $100ea

Windows are available in white or brown. The bottom portion slides up and down and they have screens

24" Deep Workbench - $8 Linear Ft

Our work bench runs the full width of the shed and is 24" deep. Perfect for a potting bench or tool bench. It also can be used as a nice storage shelf for boxes. 

Extra Set Of Double Doors - $350

Sometimes customers may want two sets of double doors for easier access into the shed.

32" Deep Loft - $10 Linear Ft

Our storage loft runs the full width of the shed and is 32" deep. It is a great way to save floor space. Use it for bulky items like patio cushions or umbrellas

Heavy Duty Ramp - $120 

If you have a ride on mower or snow blower then you will want this ramp. We build them to withstand heavy loads.

Custom Painting - $2.50 Per Sq Ft

We offer custom painting of your sheds. If you would like different color than the standard tan. We use Benjamin Moore Premium Paint. 

8x14 storage shed the colony
Standard Side Wall is 6.5ft Tall
Extra High 7ft Side Walls - $250
High Top 8ft Side Walls - $350
Custom Dormer Roof - $1800

A dormer can add charm to larger sheds. The dormer roof can be added to shed 10x12 and larger. The roof pitch must be raised to a 33 degree angle and it can only fit on sheds 10ft wide or larger.

2020-10-14 18_28_37-1.webp
Transom Window Doors - $200

Add some character to your shed doors by with inset transom windows. Although very attractive, they also add needed light into the shed.

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