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Sheds Built On Site

We are a company who specializes in sheds built on site. We have been building quality storage sheds for over 10 years. Our storage sheds are built stronger so they last longer. 

Why Choose Us To Build Your Shed On Site?

We have been in the construction and house framing industry for the last 20 years. We utilize the same framing techniques as custom home builders such as double inter-locking top plates, 16" on center stud spacing, 16" floor joist spacing and even 16" roof truss spacing. This results in a strong rigid storage shed. 

We only use high quality hand picked building products from Lowes which helps ensure the wood used in your storage shed is not warped which helps result in an even better looking final product. 

Check out our reviews! Customers have commented on our attention to detail, good communication and good customer service.  

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Advantages Of A Built On Site Shed?

There are a few advantages to getting a storage shed built on site instead of having it delivered.


A lot of times there is limited or no access to that perfect spot that you really want your storage shed. With on site construction we can fit your shed into any location no matter how tight. 

Another advantage of a built on site shed is that you do not have to worry about your trees and shrubbery or your new shed being damaged during the delivery process. While moving storage sheds the peak of the roof can damage tree branches rip off low hanging wires which can sometimes even cause damage to the storage shed itself.  

The last advantage of getting your shed built on site is that it is much easier to make minor construction changes during the actual construction rather than after it shows up on delivery day and is not quite what you wanted. 

What Is The Process To Get A Storage Shed Built On Site?

1. Request a Free Shed Design Consultation

   Discuss with one of our friendly experts your specific storage shed needs, the space you have to work with and desired       completion date.

2. Select Your Storage Shed Model

    Choose the shed size, extra features, paint color and location that best fits your needs. 

3. Reserve Your Storage Shed Installation Date

    Book your installation day in advance to secure your place. Typically we are about a week out. 

4. Crew Arrives With Materials and Tools

    The construction crew will arrive, complete any yard prep and get the building materials ready for construction.

5. Storage Shed Assembled From The Ground Up

    From the foundation to the roof your storage shed will be built with pride. 

6. Receive The Keys To Your Brand New Shed

    Once the shed is completed you will be handed the keys and final payment will be collected.


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