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Sheds Plano Texas

We Build Them Stronger So They Last Longer

Plano Texas Sheds Built On Your Lot

Are you looking for a storage shed in Plano Texas? We specialize in building sheds on site. This can save you damage to your property as well as to your new shed while its being delivered. By building on site, we can fit your shed into any location. If you are looking for a shed to protect your belongings, we've got you covered! We build sheds in Plano Texas and Collin County.

We Clean Up Our Own Construction Waste

The construction industry is notorious for its waste. It’s not just the obvious stuff like concrete and asphalt, but also the less-obvious things that can be found in a typical construction site such as empty water bottles, cardboard and suchlike.

We leave each backyard space we work in as clean as when the project started at no additional cost to you.

Will You Need a Construction Permit?

Per the City of Plano building codes a permit is not needed for a storage shed less than 120 sq. feet in size. However, all building restrictions on your specific lot must be met. The building inspections department will be able to answer any direct questions for them you may have. Any they also have an informational free pdf here.


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Our Standard Storage Shed Quality Features Include:

Free Onsite Storage Shed Installation

You wont have to worry about taking down fences or having trucks drive over your lawn. We hand-carry all storage shed materials in through your side gate.

Onsite Storage Shed Construction
Storage shed foundation block

Solid Blocks For Leveling

We level your storage shed on solid cement blocks making sure the base does not directly come in contact with the ground. This ensures years of service without rot or insect damage

2x6 Floor Joists 16"oc and 3/4 Plywood Floor Sheathing

We use 2x6 floor joist in all our storage sheds. Most other shed companies use 2x4's. Our floor is super strong and will stand the test of time

2x6 Storage Shed Foundation
Gable Vents

We include gable air vents on all our storage sheds. Some companies charge extra

Storage shed gable vent
LP Smart Side Wall Panels

We use LP Smartside for our storage shed walls. It is an exterior grade panel pre primed a natural tan color. It is treated so it will not absorb water

Lp Smartside Wall Panel
White No Maintenance PVC Trim

If you look at old sheds you quickly realize that the first thing to deteriorate is the trim boards used. We eliminate that from happening on our sheds by only using PVC trim boards. They never need paint and they will never rot.

Locking Shed Door T Handle
30 Year Architectural Shingles

We include gable air vents on all our storage sheds. Some companies charge extra

architectural shingles

Our Standard Storage Shed Features:

Free Onsite Installation

If you're looking for a storage shed built on your lot, we've got you covered! We offer free onsite installation at no extra cost to our clients. This means that when you purchase a storage shed package from us, we install it right here on site at your property. No need to worry about hiring a hauling contractor or waiting weeks for delivery.

Solid Blocks for Leveling

The most important feature of a storage shed is its foundation. Solid concrete blocks are used to level the ground underneath the shed. This prevents settling and cracking over time.

2x6 Floor Joists 16"oc and 3/4 Plywood Floor Sheathing

We use pressure treated 2x6 floor joists with 3/4" plywood flooring. This is a solid shed foundation which will allow you to park heavy lawn mowers, four-wheelers, and motorcycles.

Gable Vents

The gable vent is a great feature for any storage shed. Gable vents allow fresh air to enter the building through the roof, keeping pests out and providing ventilation. They're especially useful when storing food because insects and rodents tend to congregate near warm sources of heat.

White PVC Trim Boards

You can tell that the first thing to go wrong is usually the trim boards used if you look at old sheds. We eliminate that from occurring on our storage sheds by only installing PVC trim boards. They don't need paint, and they won't rot.

30 Year Architectural Shingles

The 30-year architectural shingles are a great way to add value and beauty to your storage shed. These shingles will last for 30 years, which is an incredible amount of time. The 30-year architectural shingle comes in a variety of colors and styles that can match any type of house.

How Does the Shed Buying Process Work?

First of all, reach out to us for a quote. If you are not sure what size or type of storage shed, you need to schedule an appointment for one of our representatives to come out and measure your yard and offer any recommendations. We are accustomed to building custom buildings to meet customer's requirements.

Once you decide on the perfect storage shed for you, we will complete the necessary paperwork for the City of Plano permit if one is needed and schedule your onsite shed installation.

We will usually build your storage shed within 1-2 weeks of receiving your order. And because we use only top-quality materials, you won't be disappointed with the finished product.

So, call today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can build a storage shed on your lot in the City of Plano.

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